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  • We offer professional home staging, moving management, and organization services for your home or office. Call us to simplify and energize your life!

  • Company Overview
    Staging Your Next Move, LLC is a full service relocation and professional organizing firm helping clients with home staging, moving, downsizing, and redesigning services. We help clients seamlessly transition into new living/working environments while eliminating the hassle, stress, and anxiety associated with moving and/or organizing.

  • Our Mission
    We strive to energize our clients by simplifying their lives with organizing solutions.

Basic Info
  • Our Products
    Home Staging Services
    Moving Management Services
    Home and Office Organization

  • Since
    January 2013

  • History by Year
    Started in January 2013

  • Counter Before

  • Kitchen After

  • Basement Before

  • Basement After

  • Bedroom Before

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  • Living Room Before

  • Living Room After

  • Living Room Before

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