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" . . . many homeowners do not understand the importance of preparing their house before putting it on the market and wonder “What’s the Big Deal” when others, such as a real estate agent, suggest various steps to take. They often expect potential buyers to be able to visualize and only look at the “bones” of the house while looking past all of the owner’s personality and décor choices. Also, sellers wonder why they should spend time and money doing this if it is just going to be changed by the new owners upon move-in.

Keep in mind you always have the choice of putting your house on the market 'as is.' This means you leave it in the same condition in which you are currently living. Now, this "condition" is different for everyone. For some, this could mean the house is in total disarray. For others, this could mean the house is almost immaculate. But for most of us, the house is somewhere in between.

Let's assume for now this means . . . "          (Get the FREE Book! No Cost. No Obligation.)

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