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Are you moving or have life changes such as downsizing or career change? If so, help is a phone call away. We specialize in move management and organization services for homes and business. 
Regardless of your reasons for making a move (coming in or leaving) we can help make the transition a lot easier.  Help is a phone call away.

"Your delightful attitude and terrific expertise made my move such a pleasant experience. Thank you." 
"You will be more than happy with Staging Your Next Move. Their organizational skills are beyond quantifying. We had to clear out my mother's house of 40 years, with her stuff of 90 years (she saved everything) and we could not have done it without them. My mother's house was in Ky. and we lived on the other coast and in the Midwest, so it was complicated, to say the least. They are great communicators, honest, detail-oriented, and insanely good at their job. Hire them!!" 
   Angela A.
"Wow! Why didn’t I do this 30 years ago??? My house and life are now simplified and cleaned up. Now . . . I can usually locate an item within 5 minutes and I end up putting it back in its proper place. I now use things that I already have instead of buying more, because I can find them."

Kathie H.
"They saved my sanity. They even made a difficult job fun! My home sold in four weeks and I am sure the staging was a big part of the success!"

 Adele V. 
"Staging the patio home amazed me and certainly was the reason it sold to the first client that looked at it!  And your wonderful assistance in getting me unpacked and moved in was nothing short of a miracle. Thank you both!"

Joy P.
"I just want to thank you. Because of you, we were able to sell our house for $10,000 more than the best offer we received last year when our house wasn’t staged and the only monetary investment we made was purchasing 3 new towels. Thanks you so much!"

Becky S.

"For health reasons it was necessary for me to move to Miralea, a senior living development. They were so helpful in helping me to downsize my huge collection of belongings to going back to 1970. For someone who was so attached to everything I had accumulated, Lynn’s and Kathi’s system of getting decisions quickly on what to keep, what to give to charity, what might be sold or just "junk" to throw out works easily and well for me. Their efforts . . . (Read More)

“We are truly passionate about creating positive energy through organizing, and making the most of the spaces you live, work and play in.”

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     Lynn Medeiros: (502) 523-8889
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We are a full service relocation and professional organizing firm helping clients with home staging, moving, downsizing, and redesigning services.
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