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  • By Lynn Medeiros
  • 15 Sep, 2015

These pictures were about different projects we've completed recently. Enjoy the before and afters. 




Staging Tips Today

By Lynn Medeiros 15 Sep, 2015
By Lynn Medeiros 14 Sep, 2015
There are plenty of statistics to show that we get our first impression of homes in less than fifteen seconds. We now know that the first impression actually starts with the online pictures. But once the buyer agrees to a showing, the homeowner must continue to provide a good first impression during the actual walk-through.

The reality of first impressions is that if the initial impression is not up to par, then the remainder of the house has to be extremely spectacular to overcome that initial bad impression. In fact, the potential buyers will be inclined to notice only the negative aspects in the remainder of the house if their initial impression is bad. So that is why emphasis is generally placed on curb appeal, making sure the potential buyers have a good feeling when pulling up to the curb, and when viewing the first space upon entering the home. But what many sellers fail to realize is that this “first impression” really happens with every new room or area the potential buyer views. In other words, as buyers walk through a home, they form initial impressions with each new area.

For example, if they walk into a room and the entrance has a door that does not open or close easily and squeaks, the buyers’ impression will be that the house has not been well maintained over the years. And this happens before they even see what is in this new room! So now this new room has to overcome that initial impression, which is not an easy task. -e room now has to be spectacular, not just good, to remove those initial feelings when walking in. -erefore, each room or area, such as the backyard or garage, has to stand on its own and provide a good first impression.

But don’t just think of this as a negative aspect. If you turn this in a positive manner, then you will realize you get the OPPORTUNITY to provide a great impression with EVERY new room or area rather than just with the area first seen when entering the home! Realizing and capitalizing on this opportunity is what will set your house apart from all your competition. -is means you need to view each room or area “separately” and start with the entrance.

Each entrance needs to give an impression it has been well maintained, which could be a fresh coat of paint (especially important for front doors), assuring the door is hung properly, assuring the door handle is tight and in good shape, etc. If there is no door, assure the doorway is in good shape. And don’t overlook areas such as laundry rooms or walk-in pantries.

Their entrances need to appear well maintained, too. Once you have addressed the entrances, next view each room or area from the viewpoint buyers will see when entering. -is combined with the entrance area is truly what creates the first impression of that area. Use this as your opportunity to greatly impress the potential buyer each time they enter a new room or area! And what are ways to achieve this great impression? Well, try to have a “Wow!” factor, if possible. This is something that makes the buyer say “Wow!” when they see it for the first time. It could be something as simple as adding some fresh colorful flowers to a laundry room that is well organized and free of excess items but would otherwise come across as somewhat sterile without this blast of color and great fragrance from the flowers. Doing something a bit different with furniture arrangements can also add a “Wow!” factor or pizzazz to a room.
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